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To use of download Ofuz go to: http://www.ofuz.com/

Ofuz is an Open Source project with the goal to bring highly efficient and productive tools to run a small business or a freelance operation.

Customer relation, Tasks, Projects, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Team Collaboration....  

Everything you need to efficiently run your business. 

Our goal is to bring some freedom and help entrepreneurs avoid the locking techniques of existing SaaS offering.

Web based application and Software as a service are a great productivity gain for all small businesses. 

But they lock you in and your business future is then linked to that software company decision.

We think this is very dangerous for every type of business you should own your data and be free to leave when ever you want without loosing everything.

This is what Ofuz is.

Its the only SaaS platform that let you have all the benefits and productivity gain of web based application online but with the freedom to leave at anytime.

You can leave with your data and our application. 

It means that if you are not satisfied with decision we make features we add or just because our sever become to slow.

You can install Ofuz on your own servers and move your data to your own version of Ofuz.

Run your business with Ofuz 

Give it a try Today http://Ofuz.com

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